Update Your Metrics

Search is becoming more personalized and is now heavily influenced by the user. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is moving farther and farther away from getting the exact details of on-page SEO right and more towards ensuring that a websites pages, products, and content are meeting your specific users needs.

In our opinion, these are the most important metrics going forward that will impact your SEO program are:

Time on SiteTime on Site: Time is man’s greatest resource. It’s also going to be one of Google’s greatest judges of the best content the web has to offer.

Bounce RateBounce Rate: If they quickly come and go, you’ve got a problem.  Figure out why people are leaving so quick and fix it.

Freshness of ContentFreshness of Content: It better be up to date.  No one wants to read an “how to” article on optimizing your webpage’s keyword tag from 5 years ago…

Great ContentThorough Content: Searchers don’t just want answers – they want great, accurate, PERFECT answers.  If your answers to questions are legitimate, the users and search engines will find out. Learn about what your content needs to be

Responsive DesignMobile Experience: Your content better look great on every screen, no matter the size.  The mobile world is the world we now live in.

HonestyTransparency/Honesty: People don’t want to read biased content. They want honesty and transparency, and search engines will get better and better at giving it to them.

MediaMultimedia: Content that shows in multiple forms (like a blog post that includes text and video) will outperform content that uses just one means of communication.


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